Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New Adventures

I've been rushing around with my head cut off... literally.
Well, no. Figuratively.
I've actually been very busy, and have forgotten to be updating you on a whole passel of things that involve you, and me. Chief among these is something we should both be excited about. At least I hope so.
More stories.
Yup, I've been so busy trying to get this book ready, that I forgot to tell you about it. In fact, it's out now, and I still have neglected to tell you about it. Well, I mean, I suppose I am telling you now.

It is with great excitement that I introduce to you, a collection of short stories within the world of Jack Lantern.
Written by myself, Arlin, Patrick and Aaron, they delve deeper into the world than ever before. I can say with great pride that these stories rock my socks right off my body. They are so cool! I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to read these, as they begin to deepen the world, and affect the future of these characters.

But enough blabbing. Check out the cover! Patrick has gone so far beyond what I could have possibly hoped for. If you must judge this book by its cover, well, I'm not too stressed.

Happy reading, people!