Friday, 25 July 2014

A Moment of Silence...

I try not to talk about celebrities a whole bunch. Okay, so I talked about meeting Derek Landy! That was one flipping time, people! Can you just give me a break already? What I'm saying is, I try not to talk about them all the time because it just feels weird, ya know?
They live in their own little world and we observe them from the outside, but sometimes, I feel the need to mention a select few. There are some actors and writers that awaken in me massive amounts of adventure, and inspire me beyond my ability to keep up. These people are usually ones I've grown up observing and learning from. You'll see very obvious references to them in my books, trust me.
There is one person I would like to mention now, because I've always enjoyed his work, and always been inspired by his ability to make you believe in the character he was. Immediately, you simply accepted him for who he said he was. Let me tell you, he's been on a heck of a lot of adventures in his time, too. I've always wanted to write a story that spoke to his characters, and captured the same adventure and wonder that he excited in me.
I always thought I'd get around to doing it sooner or later, and that was just that. He'd keep making film and I'd keep watching, soaking up the inspiration that he'd send me and then, one day... Id finally have a story cool enough to write...
Well, I'm getting closer to that story, and I think it's starting to solidify in my mind. But the hero of my T.V. screen is gone now. It makes me sad, but I know he'll be alright. Somebody's gotta have car chases up there... Somebody's gotta charge five hundred dollars a day... Plus expenses. Somebody's gotta ride into town with a thousand dollar bill pinned to the inside of his jacket.
James Garner may be gone, but his stories live on. His characters endure.
I know it's sappy, and I just sound like a fan lamenting the passing of an actor, an old timer from a different age. Maybe that's all this is, but I just feel he deserves a mention. There countless people who will remember Mister Garner. There are so many that were inspired by his characters, too. I'm proudly one of them, and I'll continue to be.
Jack Lantern thanks you, Mister Garner. Along with a host of other characters I know, and have yet to dream up.
Rest in Peace, Mister Rockford... Your job is done.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Mandatory Post

Well, I am at a loss for words. See, I promised a few people I would write one of these doodads, and I assured said parties that said doodads would be done by morning.
...The thing is... I don't know what to write about!
Sure, it's late here, and I am very tired... but by golly, I need to do this! So, without any further warning.... Here is me... writing.
I'm making a lot of progress on a few really cool projects. Honestly, I can't wait to tell you more about them... If I spill the beans now, however, I'm afraid a large group of mountain gnomes will kidnap my best friends first born child... When he has child. No, I suppose, for now... it's best to play this secret information close to the chest.
A few weeks ago, I lost a chunk of my files, due to a computer crash. It was unfortunate, and most likely linked to gang violence. My laptop was just on its way to work for the day when it was jumped, and its hard drive mercilessly attacked with a massive sack of broken.
Thank heavens for backups and such, right? All in all, I think I lost a few pages and had a big black eye to my pride. It was cool, though...
I guess the moral of the story is... backup your work often!
There you go, kids.
Okay. Enough babbling. I can't tell you much, but I will say this, before I go...
I'm half done writing the first draft to a sequel, which will remain nameless. On top of that, I am happy to say that a series of stories I feared dead, is now back on track! That is really cool news, because I have been hoping to tell this tale for a long time. I wont promise any date for a release, but know it is in the works. I finally figured out the heart of the series The soul of the books. It's very exciting and I flipping cant wait to show you. Shadow Mountain is coming, and I promise you it's going to be better than ever!for now, I am just gonna go pass out.
Okay with you? It's okay with me.
More news soon, people.
Oh, and I apologise for the nonsensical post. I have a mighty sleep upon me. And now, I go to conquer said beast... with shield of blanket, helm of pillow and sword of... another blanket!