Sunday, 14 February 2016

Some Stuff

Things are getting on. And with everything that I've been up to, I just wanted to put out a little update. Since I am sick as a racoon with a cold, which is to say, I have a cold and don't feel good, I thought I would take a moment to write some words of wisdom, or randomness, rather.
I have a wonderful job, and I love it to tears, but it's made me lazy on the writing front. It has made me struggle to get back to work on all these stories that I've promised to myself. Heaven be praised, though, I am getting back to it. I had to use my manly brain muscles to bash through a tough bout of writers block, but that was done very well with the help of Alexandre Dumas. Talk about a hero of writing, storytelling and visual prowess...
The thing is, he is only a classic because he wrote his amazing tales in a different environment. Honestly, (in my own flawed opinion) I am not sure he would be published today. Nor revered as he deserves. His style is very much at odds with the way the industry works today, and I don't think he would even gat passed the now "mandatory" writers group. That is not me finding fault with Dumas, let me assure you. I have not one complaint about his work. I am blown away by his ability, his voice, and most of all his storytelling. This is me babbling on about a system that forces writers into boxes that need not exist. Storytelling is an art. So we should let it break some rules, and grasp for greatness, instead of hounding it until it conforms to some arbitrary check-list.
But enough of my ramblings. This is supposed to be a quick update, not a rant.
I was getting into a groove with Shadow Mountain book three, but deadlines have taken me away from James and Elizabeth, and pointed me back to that old swab Jack Lantern. There are some short stories coming your way in the form of another collection of Tales By Lantern-Light. I, as with my colleagues, are in the middle of wresting with the last parts of writing these tales. Of course, Arlin and Aaron are done their pieces... The jerks...
On top of this, I am trying to get my ideas together for the next batch of Wishcharmer Saga stories. This prospect excites me, so I hope to update the Myth Smith Forge blog thingy soon on that point. As it is now 2016, I am trying also to get the last pass done on a very cool space fantasy/opera/ thing. I can't wait to share it with people all over and we even have secret plans to release a tease of a sort in the future, but don't tell anyone I told you.
That's most everything I am dealing with, other than the other story ideas that are screaming in my head to be told... More on that at a later date. For now, I should get some rest, and then get back to work on Monday. There are a lot more words to write, and a lot more stories to be told, and I'm behind! 

Saturday, 9 January 2016

New Year, New Post.... Hopefully the First of Many

Well, another year has passed us by. Another year full of adventures and writing and junk. I just wanted to quickly give sort of a recap of what I have been up to, and a hopeful look forward to some of my plans. Of course, things always change, and things always come up. I missed a deadline or two, but I am trying to improve and get better.

First off... The year that was.
2015 was a good year, my human friends. Here at Ravania Entertainment, we saw a lot of changes. We also saw the release of several new stories, and if you want a whole look at what we've been doing in full, I suggest you go on over to and check it out. For right now, I will focus on what I have been doing personally.

April was a glorious month here in my home region. An early spring and a bunch of adventures saw my imagination ingnited and I was able to do a lot of good work. April also saw the release of TALES BY LANTERN-LIGHT. This was a really cool project to have completed. Within its walls were contained several short-stories that take place within the world of Jack Lantern. And it wasn't just me having all the fun! I was able to team up with Arlin, Aaron and Patrick as well, and they brought some awesome stories out in this volume, too. With that all said and done, the book does a whole lot to deepen the world of Jack Lantern, and help bridge the gap between the first and second novels.

By the time May rolled around, I was very happy to release SHADOW MOUNTAIN AND THE SECRET OF THE GATEKEEPERS. This is the story that started me into writing. It has gone through several tweeks and changes over the years, but I am very happy with it, and the story that it tells. The first in a series, it tells the story of two orphans who discover they live in a world far grander than they imagined. Soon, they are chosen to become wielders of ancient magic, Gatekeepers... With a gorgeous cover from Patrick Smith, I can only be proud to have this book bare my name.

Well, after that... the year sorta rolled on. I kept busy with my day job, and trying to write. The summer saw a few good outings, adventures and good times... Before I really knew it, fall was coming on, and things were beginning to get a little tight. As you may have heard, Ravania Entertainment went to their first couple events, and it certainly was a learning experience. We're looking forward to returning to some of these events in this new year.

Ah, October... It was particularly balmy weather this year. The fact is, we didn't really see winter show up until about a quarter into December. Odd year. Oh, sure, it's happened before, but still... It made everything feel a little different, even in October... As if, the world was holding its breath or something... What for? Well, maybe for the release of JACK LANTERN 2 - DEAD OR ALIVE
The story of Jack Lantern, Mia Lannigan, Lu, Bradley and the others continues, and things get far worse for our heroes. This novel saw the production of two covers, a glorious rendition of events by Patrick Smith graces the regular edition, while a fun look at the world is presented on a limited edition cover. Jack Lantern is the sort of book I want to read, and so it's such an honor to write a book like it. I really hope you peeps feel it, dig it, and get something from it.

November was on the world in a flash, and in the back half of it, a new adventure began. Those of you who know me know about THE WISHCHARMER SAGA. I write it on my other blogthing over at
It is an ongoing adventure about a swindler named Rajhu and his best friend, a young swordsman named Will. Now, the story is on my blog to read for free, but the physical edition contains an exclusive short story, and is graced with another fantastic cover by Patrick.

December came and went, and things got very crazy here, but we all survived, and came through stronger. I missed releasing a book when I had planned to, but I am happy to report that it is now available. SHADOW MOUNTAIN AND THE GHOSTLY ABBEY can now be perused by your little eyes for all your reading pleasures. In this tale, we see the problems grow worse for our two heroes, and believe me, they're far from over...

Yes, 2015 was a good year, and I can only hope to surpass what was accomplished. Writing has been a bit of a challenge of late. Things are changing, and I have to make time, which isn't as easy as it was... But fear not. I will get it all done.

In the next few months, I hope to introduce you to a brand new adventure about war, hope, and galactic forces of good and evil clashing in an epic way... I won't reveal the name just yet, but here's hoping I can tell you real soon. Beyond this, I think we will be seeing more of Jack this year, as well as the Gatekeepers (hopefully) and Rajhu and Will... This year will be a year of growth for me, and a year of challenges for my characters. Tears will be shed, people will be hurt.

Stay glued to the screen, and the pages... More is coming, people... More is coming...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

New Adventures

I've been rushing around with my head cut off... literally.
Well, no. Figuratively.
I've actually been very busy, and have forgotten to be updating you on a whole passel of things that involve you, and me. Chief among these is something we should both be excited about. At least I hope so.
More stories.
Yup, I've been so busy trying to get this book ready, that I forgot to tell you about it. In fact, it's out now, and I still have neglected to tell you about it. Well, I mean, I suppose I am telling you now.

It is with great excitement that I introduce to you, a collection of short stories within the world of Jack Lantern.
Written by myself, Arlin, Patrick and Aaron, they delve deeper into the world than ever before. I can say with great pride that these stories rock my socks right off my body. They are so cool! I can't wait for everyone to get a chance to read these, as they begin to deepen the world, and affect the future of these characters.

But enough blabbing. Check out the cover! Patrick has gone so far beyond what I could have possibly hoped for. If you must judge this book by its cover, well, I'm not too stressed.

Happy reading, people!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Editing, and the Things that are Yet to Come

Well, the year is basically in full swing, at this point. There's no denying it. I mean, we can't claim a mulligan at this point, can we?

No. I don't suppose we can.

Anyway, I thought it was well past time to give an update on all things me. Yeah, that does sound kinda self absorbed, doesn't it?

Ravania Entertainment has an ambitious year planned, with lots of cool stories ready to be released on the world. There are comic books, fantasy stories, epic science fiction and a whole lot more. Well... Maybe that's it, but there is a lot of it, let me tell you! It's a hard slog, trying to get all this stuff done, but we are all getting the work put in.

Right now, I am in the process of putting some final edits into the planned re-release of Shadow Mountain and the Secret of the Gatekeepers. This is a fantasy story about a couple of orphans who are sent to live at a magical orphanage where they train to become the mystical, ancient, Gatekeepers. I wrote it a long time ago, now, and it's always been a story that's stuck with me. It ignited my love for writing, and telling stories. It's the first in a series, but because of life, and never being completely happy with the first story's presentation, I've never got around to getting the next in the series out. 

Well, I've come to terms with my story, and while I'm not going to re-write it, I've done some... shall we say... housecleaning. When looking at the spirit of the story, I realised that I couldn't just go in and gut the book, then expect the magic that it had to remain intact. In fact, a lot of times, I think writers are too quick to throw a story away because of some imagined notion that it's not salvageable.

While there may be some truth in the notion that you can't sit around, trying to fix something forever, and ignore the new stories, ideas, and adventures that come up, I don't hold with the idea that if something isn't exactly how you want it to be, that it has no value. Writers, as a culture, are often told to throw away ideas, works, and whole manuscripts on a whim. If this hasn't worked by now, it never will, etc.
Well, call me stuborn, call me a romantic, but I couldn't part company with Shadow Mountain. Yes... there are problems with it. I've tried to address the most glaring things in this new release. But then, some of the rough edges helped give it the magic that has endeared the story to me.

No, the book isn't perfect. Maybe it's not a masterwork of fantasy fiction. But it is fun, and it's got a little heart. I like it, and in the editing process (The bane of my existence) I've grown closer to the tale. This book will stand as it is, after the last edit. It's a good story, and I'm confident that the story will hold it's own.

As for a sequel, I'm going to be working on that later in the year. While the manuscript is finished, it needs a deeper operation to fix the problems contained within it. I am, again, confident I can fix these, however. It will take work, but I know the story, and I know how to fix it. So, I will fix it.

So, that's Shadow Mountain...

Friday, 2 January 2015

New Adventures for a New Year

2015... You sly gooseberry salad, you!
Here I am, trying to get in a relaxing year, but, oh no! You had plans for me right from the get-go, didn't you? Bahaha! Foolish Salad-Year! I knew all about your dastardly plans! In fact, I have been doing everything within my limited sphere of power to not only keep you in check, but to exceed well past these plans you have for me, and vanquish the foes that most assuredly come for my hide!
First of all, I don't really appreciate you springing that whole Wishcharmer thing on me. While I dig the idea of the Forge... I wish you would have oven me a little more warning! But all that is in the past, now. I bet you didn't know I have a whole sack-bench full of stories planned out for that, did you? I bet you didn't know I'll be releasing the next chapter very soon. Yeah... That's what I thought!
Anyways... move aside for a moment, 2015... I have some internets to speak to...
Hey there, all! As you may have heard, it's a new year.... And if you had dropped an eves just now, you'll have garnered that Wishcharmer is up and running. While I still make no promises as to how fast each new chunk of story will appear, I am doing my best to make it worth your time!
Wishcharmer is alive, and don't think it's going to putter out! That was just the first chapter... the story's not over, my friend...
The problem is, as always, finding time to write... Ya see... I have this big ol' Compy (Computer of some kind)... but I am outta the house a lot these days, due to the lovely Lady-Miss, and I have to admit, with little regret... my writing has suffered the most out of this charming romance. Yet, never fear... Vance is here... You must have heard of me... Or not. Anyway, the point is, I'll be grabbing up a snappy little (Cheap) Lappy Top-Hatted computing device (Laptop of some kind) for my out-of-the-house times. What does this mean for you, quasi-faithful internet hounds?
More writing, and less.... erm... not... writing!
...Yes! In 2015, I hope to bring you much more Wishcharmer, a couple surprises from Jack Lantern... Hopefully a story or two from the world of Shadow Mountain and...
...Something New...
Yes, 2015 looks like a full year!
Mean ol' Nasty Gooseberry Salad!
...Wait... Don't I love Gooseberries?

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

An Ode to Socks

Just sitting here, with my feet up, looking at my mismatched socks...
I'm not really gonna talk, or sing, about socks...
Not a whole lot, anyway. That was just a clever title to draw you in. Yes... I tricked you. And what for, you may ask? If not to talk of socks and their wonders, then what?

Well, in a way socks have a lot to do with it, and in a way, they don't. Actually, they have nothing to do with it. I just wanted to update you peeps... i.e. marshmallow treats, about what things are gonna look like, moving forward.
I am excited about the prospect of bringing you more stories. Not just Jack Lantern, and not just Shadow Mountain, but a host of others, too! The rest of my year is looking more and more hectic, but with quite a bit of hard work, comes really awesome prizes for all of us! Jack Lantern will continue next year, with short stories, and a sequel. While edits and rewrites are still required, I can't wait for you people to read the second adventure. There are so many cool things, and ... oh, man. I can't actually tell you that much, because I don't want to give anything away. But there's some flipping cool stuff in that book! More and more ideas keep coming to me, and by the beginning of next year, I will be starting to write another Jack Lantern novel. That is if all goes as planned. Which I hope it does!
More work, more writing, more pressure. More excitement!
So, Jack Lantern has quite a ways to go, yet. If you like him, his world, and his crazy cool adventures, congratulations! Jack will be a series of stories. How many? I don't want to say, just yet. But it will be a few. More than five. Less than fifteen. Those are arbitrary numbers, by the way...
If you like Jack, don't worry. He has a good tale to be told. If you don't like him... sorry.
Shadow Mountain lives as well! This will be at least six books, but no more than nine. While it is pretty different from Jack Lantern, there are really cool things coming in that series, too! Book two and book three have really awesome action pieces, while the characters begin to grow and understand their place in the world a little more. Heartache, betrayal, failure and explosions! All of these are in store, if you dive in!
So, two book series ongoing. It's quite a challenge to write them, but I hope I'm up to it. I just love telling stories. Since I was a tiny kid, I have always wanted to tell stories in one form or another. Now that I am, it just excites me. I have been having so much fun, living in these worlds, and watching their stories come together. It's a riot, honestly!
So, here's to you! The reader. I hope you enjoy these tales as much as I have enjoyed writing them! These things are far from over, though. Oh. Boy... you have no idea what's coming!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cheap as Free!

I am supposed to write something today. The problem is, I don't feel inspired. No witty comments have jumped to the front of my mind, demanding to be placed in the open. Nope. Honestly, I got nothing.
On a lighter note, Jack Lantern is making a free-type appearance right now. Yeah! No kidding here, at all. In two ways, you will be able to experience the excitement of Jack Lantern and the gang for cheap as free. That is to say, free. Which is pretty cheap, to be honest.
First up, is a short story starring Jack as he goes to investigate a haunted house in the country. This story takes place right before the first book, and is a fun little romp. Still, there is a lot of excitement to be had, and don't think this is the last short story you will see, either. Yeah, actually I am in the very early stages of plotting out another little Jack adventure. This will come out in future. Don't tell anyone, but in the new year, if I can swing it, there will probably be a little collection of short stories released. I have seen the adventures of this collection, and trust me... it will be well worth the wait.
Of course, first, you will have to read this inaugural story. When, you may ask, will you be able to get your paws on such a tale, and for cheap and free prices?
Right now! Check out, for that little gem. You can also peruse a creepy little tale about a forest and mysterious disappearance. It is crafted by that chap called Arlin. It is a very good story, and suits this macabre time of year. I felt both intrigued and unsettled by the end of the tale, and I hope you do, too.  This story, also... free. Yeah. We are pretty nice.
And of course, it started on Tuesday, and ends on All Saints Day, you can pick up the kindle version of Jack Lantern ...Brains... on amazon for flipping free! You don't know what Jack Lantern is about? Well... freak.... I guess I should have explained that it is the story about a dude with a pumpkin for a head, and his harrowing battle with zombies, disembodied talking heads and his desperate attempt to save a young girl from a gory fate. If you haven't guessed, there is a good chunk of magic in there, too.
You should check it out.
Beyond all of this fun stuff, I am working on a few other projects that should eventually see the light of day. One is a serial fantasy. One is a new book series... and one is a return. A return to magic, mountains, shadows... and Gatekeepers.
Those who know, be aware... though it may take time, these stories are alive and well... and are coming...
Peace out!