Saturday, 30 June 2012

Dalkey Book Festival 2012

I am a happy man!
I know you’re probably wondering why I have this ridiculous grin plastered on my face. I know that after wearing it for two weeks, you’re sure I’ve damaged my face, and scared many innocent people all over the world. Sure, I may have creeped some people out, and sure, you may be more than a little annoyed that I still refuse to stop smiling… But in my defence, I have good reason for this stupid smile.
Do I know something that you don’t know? Am I in some way superior to you?
Well, I can answer that.
Okay, that’s really stuck up, I’ll admit. It’s more pompous than… a really pompous… man. But I can’t help it. I have been supercharged. I have seen the light! I have met my hero!
Sure, I suppose you’re rolling your eyes right now, grumbling and mumbling some random string of words, complaining about how that’s really nothing too exciting. First off, that’s really rude! Why are you trying to tear me down, just because I am happy? Secondly, you obviously don’t understand just how awesome my hero is! Sure, I’d agree with you if I had some rubbish hero… But I don’t!
Yes, I met Mister Landy, and it was a true experience. It shook me to my core. I mean, this is the man! THE GOLDEN GOD! Truly, he impacted me on a level that I think is more than a little obvious. Even with how great of a writer and how big of an influence he has been on me, I’m sure the question still remains… WHY are you writing about this meeting?
Truthfully, a big part of it is because I am just so excited. I mean, this, for me, was like meeting the king! You choose which king… What I’m getting at, is this was a very big deal for me! That excitement I feel is one of the reasons I got into writing. And here I was, randomly in Ireland, and able to meet him! How awesome for me!
More important than how cool it was for me, is how uplifting it was to hear him speak to the audience, and the inspiration he gave. That is what got me really excited. That’s what filled me with a fire to get back to it, to keep plugging away, and working on my writing. Not only was I reminded that it’s supposed to be fun to write, but that it’s doable. I know it’s hard, and I know it takes a lot of work, but Derek truly is an inspiration.
What am I trying to say? I have no idea. Probably nothing… Except…

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