Sunday, 14 February 2016

Some Stuff

Things are getting on. And with everything that I've been up to, I just wanted to put out a little update. Since I am sick as a racoon with a cold, which is to say, I have a cold and don't feel good, I thought I would take a moment to write some words of wisdom, or randomness, rather.
I have a wonderful job, and I love it to tears, but it's made me lazy on the writing front. It has made me struggle to get back to work on all these stories that I've promised to myself. Heaven be praised, though, I am getting back to it. I had to use my manly brain muscles to bash through a tough bout of writers block, but that was done very well with the help of Alexandre Dumas. Talk about a hero of writing, storytelling and visual prowess...
The thing is, he is only a classic because he wrote his amazing tales in a different environment. Honestly, (in my own flawed opinion) I am not sure he would be published today. Nor revered as he deserves. His style is very much at odds with the way the industry works today, and I don't think he would even gat passed the now "mandatory" writers group. That is not me finding fault with Dumas, let me assure you. I have not one complaint about his work. I am blown away by his ability, his voice, and most of all his storytelling. This is me babbling on about a system that forces writers into boxes that need not exist. Storytelling is an art. So we should let it break some rules, and grasp for greatness, instead of hounding it until it conforms to some arbitrary check-list.
But enough of my ramblings. This is supposed to be a quick update, not a rant.
I was getting into a groove with Shadow Mountain book three, but deadlines have taken me away from James and Elizabeth, and pointed me back to that old swab Jack Lantern. There are some short stories coming your way in the form of another collection of Tales By Lantern-Light. I, as with my colleagues, are in the middle of wresting with the last parts of writing these tales. Of course, Arlin and Aaron are done their pieces... The jerks...
On top of this, I am trying to get my ideas together for the next batch of Wishcharmer Saga stories. This prospect excites me, so I hope to update the Myth Smith Forge blog thingy soon on that point. As it is now 2016, I am trying also to get the last pass done on a very cool space fantasy/opera/ thing. I can't wait to share it with people all over and we even have secret plans to release a tease of a sort in the future, but don't tell anyone I told you.
That's most everything I am dealing with, other than the other story ideas that are screaming in my head to be told... More on that at a later date. For now, I should get some rest, and then get back to work on Monday. There are a lot more words to write, and a lot more stories to be told, and I'm behind! 

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