Thursday, 30 October 2014

Cheap as Free!

I am supposed to write something today. The problem is, I don't feel inspired. No witty comments have jumped to the front of my mind, demanding to be placed in the open. Nope. Honestly, I got nothing.
On a lighter note, Jack Lantern is making a free-type appearance right now. Yeah! No kidding here, at all. In two ways, you will be able to experience the excitement of Jack Lantern and the gang for cheap as free. That is to say, free. Which is pretty cheap, to be honest.
First up, is a short story starring Jack as he goes to investigate a haunted house in the country. This story takes place right before the first book, and is a fun little romp. Still, there is a lot of excitement to be had, and don't think this is the last short story you will see, either. Yeah, actually I am in the very early stages of plotting out another little Jack adventure. This will come out in future. Don't tell anyone, but in the new year, if I can swing it, there will probably be a little collection of short stories released. I have seen the adventures of this collection, and trust me... it will be well worth the wait.
Of course, first, you will have to read this inaugural story. When, you may ask, will you be able to get your paws on such a tale, and for cheap and free prices?
Right now! Check out, for that little gem. You can also peruse a creepy little tale about a forest and mysterious disappearance. It is crafted by that chap called Arlin. It is a very good story, and suits this macabre time of year. I felt both intrigued and unsettled by the end of the tale, and I hope you do, too.  This story, also... free. Yeah. We are pretty nice.
And of course, it started on Tuesday, and ends on All Saints Day, you can pick up the kindle version of Jack Lantern ...Brains... on amazon for flipping free! You don't know what Jack Lantern is about? Well... freak.... I guess I should have explained that it is the story about a dude with a pumpkin for a head, and his harrowing battle with zombies, disembodied talking heads and his desperate attempt to save a young girl from a gory fate. If you haven't guessed, there is a good chunk of magic in there, too.
You should check it out.
Beyond all of this fun stuff, I am working on a few other projects that should eventually see the light of day. One is a serial fantasy. One is a new book series... and one is a return. A return to magic, mountains, shadows... and Gatekeepers.
Those who know, be aware... though it may take time, these stories are alive and well... and are coming...
Peace out!

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