Tuesday, 11 November 2014

An Ode to Socks

Just sitting here, with my feet up, looking at my mismatched socks...
I'm not really gonna talk, or sing, about socks...
Not a whole lot, anyway. That was just a clever title to draw you in. Yes... I tricked you. And what for, you may ask? If not to talk of socks and their wonders, then what?

Well, in a way socks have a lot to do with it, and in a way, they don't. Actually, they have nothing to do with it. I just wanted to update you peeps... i.e. marshmallow treats, about what things are gonna look like, moving forward.
I am excited about the prospect of bringing you more stories. Not just Jack Lantern, and not just Shadow Mountain, but a host of others, too! The rest of my year is looking more and more hectic, but with quite a bit of hard work, comes really awesome prizes for all of us! Jack Lantern will continue next year, with short stories, and a sequel. While edits and rewrites are still required, I can't wait for you people to read the second adventure. There are so many cool things, and ... oh, man. I can't actually tell you that much, because I don't want to give anything away. But there's some flipping cool stuff in that book! More and more ideas keep coming to me, and by the beginning of next year, I will be starting to write another Jack Lantern novel. That is if all goes as planned. Which I hope it does!
More work, more writing, more pressure. More excitement!
So, Jack Lantern has quite a ways to go, yet. If you like him, his world, and his crazy cool adventures, congratulations! Jack will be a series of stories. How many? I don't want to say, just yet. But it will be a few. More than five. Less than fifteen. Those are arbitrary numbers, by the way...
If you like Jack, don't worry. He has a good tale to be told. If you don't like him... sorry.
Shadow Mountain lives as well! This will be at least six books, but no more than nine. While it is pretty different from Jack Lantern, there are really cool things coming in that series, too! Book two and book three have really awesome action pieces, while the characters begin to grow and understand their place in the world a little more. Heartache, betrayal, failure and explosions! All of these are in store, if you dive in!
So, two book series ongoing. It's quite a challenge to write them, but I hope I'm up to it. I just love telling stories. Since I was a tiny kid, I have always wanted to tell stories in one form or another. Now that I am, it just excites me. I have been having so much fun, living in these worlds, and watching their stories come together. It's a riot, honestly!
So, here's to you! The reader. I hope you enjoy these tales as much as I have enjoyed writing them! These things are far from over, though. Oh. Boy... you have no idea what's coming!

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