Friday, 2 January 2015

New Adventures for a New Year

2015... You sly gooseberry salad, you!
Here I am, trying to get in a relaxing year, but, oh no! You had plans for me right from the get-go, didn't you? Bahaha! Foolish Salad-Year! I knew all about your dastardly plans! In fact, I have been doing everything within my limited sphere of power to not only keep you in check, but to exceed well past these plans you have for me, and vanquish the foes that most assuredly come for my hide!
First of all, I don't really appreciate you springing that whole Wishcharmer thing on me. While I dig the idea of the Forge... I wish you would have oven me a little more warning! But all that is in the past, now. I bet you didn't know I have a whole sack-bench full of stories planned out for that, did you? I bet you didn't know I'll be releasing the next chapter very soon. Yeah... That's what I thought!
Anyways... move aside for a moment, 2015... I have some internets to speak to...
Hey there, all! As you may have heard, it's a new year.... And if you had dropped an eves just now, you'll have garnered that Wishcharmer is up and running. While I still make no promises as to how fast each new chunk of story will appear, I am doing my best to make it worth your time!
Wishcharmer is alive, and don't think it's going to putter out! That was just the first chapter... the story's not over, my friend...
The problem is, as always, finding time to write... Ya see... I have this big ol' Compy (Computer of some kind)... but I am outta the house a lot these days, due to the lovely Lady-Miss, and I have to admit, with little regret... my writing has suffered the most out of this charming romance. Yet, never fear... Vance is here... You must have heard of me... Or not. Anyway, the point is, I'll be grabbing up a snappy little (Cheap) Lappy Top-Hatted computing device (Laptop of some kind) for my out-of-the-house times. What does this mean for you, quasi-faithful internet hounds?
More writing, and less.... erm... not... writing!
...Yes! In 2015, I hope to bring you much more Wishcharmer, a couple surprises from Jack Lantern... Hopefully a story or two from the world of Shadow Mountain and...
...Something New...
Yes, 2015 looks like a full year!
Mean ol' Nasty Gooseberry Salad!
...Wait... Don't I love Gooseberries?

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